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TIR: Heroes of the Future by JoeEngland TIR: Heroes of the Future by JoeEngland
The New Status Quo: The Incredibles return to a dynamic world as full of costumed characters as it ever was in their heyday. Super heroes are once more accepted as a fact of life. Small crime is at a historic low. And yet, something may have been lost. Material gain and publicity have become motivating factors, and the powerful modern supers don't seem inclined to take a bunch of old timers too seriously, however legendary or miraculous their revival might be. The Parrs are left to wonder if perhaps the world's forgotten what it truly means to be a hero. But then again, they must be doing something right. The future looks to be a plenty impressive place. From Right to Left...

Checkout Girl: Sarah Yun came into her powers while working in the East Metroville ZapMart. Pinned down by student loans and the costs of city life, she decided to capitalize by offering her image to the company as a mascot. Being a living advertisement leads some to dismiss her as a less than credible super, but she does fight crime and honestly tries her hardest to put her best foot forward by endorsing various charities.
Sarah is five times as strong, fast, resilient, and heavy as a person of her build would normally be. Her senses are five times as acute and her mind works five times quicker, making her an excellent problem solver. She is armed with a modified barcode reader, a friendly disposition, and a severe crush on the young Mr. Incredible.

The Overleague: The displaced Incredibles face many hard truths in the future. One being that, in a world with ubiquitous supers and fabulous technology, they might not actually be so incredible anymore. Bob and Helen are behind the times, and Dash can't help but notice that every third hero now has super-speed and two other powers to boot. But if they must wrestle with feelings of inferiority, the Overleague will be there to rub it in.
Yeah, these guys are jerks.
The five supers pictured here are just the foremost members of a massive organization ostensibly founded as an international alternative to the NSA. It hosts over sixty-five percent of the world's superheroes, most being rookies or part-timers taking advantage of the benefits the Overleague provides. But like a club it tends towards elitism, with publicity geared to emphasize the photogenic inner circle.
All O-League members are equipped with an "O-Badge" which provides a personal atmosphere for breathing in space and enables Overhead to remotely levitate and direct his team-mates, allowing for limited flight.

Crystal Lynne: This diva loves finding excuses to work with The Ghost. They don't make a good team (and Violet clearly prefers to operate alone), but Lynne thinks she looks better when she's seen with someone who isn't as pretty. And Lynne does love looking her best. Not that it's hard, with such dazzling powers of crystallization. But it doesn't hurt to go the extra mile. Well, it doesn't hurt Lynne, anyway.

Glamurai: Part-time sword wielding superfreak and part-time rock and roll superstar, Glamurai walks the line between hero and celebrity. Guess which side he favors. Still, he is not to be underestimated. His invincible blades can cut through steel with the speed of life.

Overhead: The man in charge. Overhead is a prodigy possessed of great telepathic powers, telekinesis, intelligence, and an ego to match his cranium. He designed the "Overdome," the satellite from which the Overleague looks down on the world they're contractually obligated to protect. The gift shop is always open.

Captain Blazing: The "bad boy" of the group, probably hired to appeal to the edgy youth demographic. A violent, devil-may-care super gunslinger, it is unknown if he holds a captaincy in any legitimate military organization. It's doubtful.

VeryMan: Not too bright but stronger than even the first Mr. Incredible ever was, VeryMan carries out Overhead's instructions without question. In fact, he doesn't say much at all. Usually he just waits for direction. It's not like he needs to put any effort into being impressive.

For all their faults the Overleague are still a force for good. They have proven their mettle in the face of global threats which even venerable icons like The Ghost and Mr. Incredible would have been hard pressed to handle on their own. Their first priority is making sure the people of Earth know that they will be there to defend law and order at any cost. Their second priority is actually doing it. But it's a close second.

The National Supers Agency: Once the premier coordinating service for supers willing to work with the United States government, the NSA is not what it once was. Though still a formidable organization, many of the more powerful supers have turned to the Overleague or commercial enterprises which promise notoriety. Most of what's left are well meaning but marginal supers for whom the public has lesser regard. Except, of course, for the young Mr. Incredible. Without the "star power" of the world's foremost super, the NSA would be a faint presence indeed in the collective minds of the populace.

Mirage: Helen in particular is less than thrilled to learn that someone who served as a willing accomplice in the murders of dozens of veteran heroes is now the current head of the National Supers Agency. How can this be? After the Syndrome incident Mirage turned herself in to the government, offering her aid in the excavation of Buddy Pine's scientific empire in exchange for amnesty. Though technically a prisoner in the custody of Rick Dicker, her skills brought her relative freedom to operate on behalf of the administration. As such, she proved herself time and again as an effective field agent and invaluable strategic resource.
Eventually Rick made her an assistant administrator, vouching for her character and granting her upper tier security clearance. Some said this was because the ailing director honestly felt that only Mirage was canny enough to take over his tasks in the event of his absence, while others opined that this was blatant favoritism. After all, by then Mirage was his wife. In any case, by the time of Rick's death there was simply no one else with the experience necessary to fulfill his duties. So, while still legally a prisoner of the government working under the latest official director, Mirage is now clearly the de facto leader of the NSA. Whether this was achieved by ambitious political maneuvering or through a genuine drive for redemption is a subject of debate.

Featherweight: Alexander Feevel is a prime example of what the NSA has to work with nowadays. It's not that he isn't earnest... because he is, very much so (although Mirage often wonders if his loyalty to the NSA might be due more to the fact that the Overleague won't take him). Rather, it's that his power as a crime fighter is questionable.
He's light as a feather. That's it.

Hopefully it's obvious this is carrying on from The Incredibles Return. The proportions are a bit inconsistent, I was really feeling my way with these characters. So you can call it a "finished sketch." Hopefully in time they'll have a more uniform iconic style. But what's next? Well, the future may be a utopia but it wouldn't be any fun without villains to menace it...
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Isaac3578 Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2014
 Made mirage look awesome
jnzombie1 Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2014
Fantastic job with Mirage.  Just awesome.
UltraViolet14 Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2012   General Artist
Again, love the ideas. I so wish PIXAR knew about some of them...Like I said before, I'm a critic at fanfics, but you've really put a lot of thought into this and it shows. Like -amp muse said, I like how you have all different kinds of body shapes and styles, suiting each characters individual personality. Also, the way you have them interacting with the "former" supers in interesting. Perhaps flush that out a little more...just a thought.
RedWingsDragon Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2011
Awesome work here
dj1107 Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2011
don't know why but this calls for Alan Moore
JoeEngland Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2011  Professional General Artist
I take that as a significant compliment.
dj1107 Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2011
It looks like something he would do after all he did Captain Britian, Leauge of extraordinary gentlmen and Tom Strong. either that or Grant Morrison since he's more fitted for something like this. He did Final Crisis All-star Superman and co-wrote 52
XskullduggeryX Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2011
Dude, this is fecking NEAT. You've always had a flair for superey. . . things. You know. Things that are super. THOSE things.

Anyway, love the character ideas. Mirage sure doesn't look very healthy. Not that she did to begin with. I'm interested by the grayish color schemes, are they intended to match the slip into materialism and egoism that the new "heroes" are falling into?
XskullduggeryX Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2011
Dude, this is fecking NEAT. You've always had a flair for superey. . . things. You know. Things that are super. THOSE things.

Anyway, love the character ideas. Mirage sure doesn't look very healthy. Not that she did to begin with. I'm interested by the grayish color schemes, are they intended to match the slip into materialism and egoism that the new "heroes" are falling into?
amp-muse Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2011
All the costume designs are just outstanding, and I love the thought you put into each of their backgrounds. One thing I really like about all of your character designs is the varied face and body types. So many comic artists have one generic male and one generic female face and body with different costumes and/or hair styles or color schemes. The different silhouettes here are great. I adore it, dah-ling!
Captain-Black-Rose Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Thirded on the deviousness! I'm impressed at the work that went into this and the ideas that came out. (I actually laughed aloud at "Glamurai.") As I commented on The Incredibles Return, however, I'm too tired to say anything truly intelligent. My apologies but that's how it is tonight. Mayhap some other time...
ashba002 Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2011
I agree with raentrieve. I've been reading the comic for the past three or four years, and I had no idea you had a deviant art page! And I also agree that this is awesome - I would pay money to see this in theaters, and I'm pretty picky about what I go see there. Hope you get better soon, and keep turning out these fantastic ideas! I love 'em!
AriasLi Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2011  Professional General Artist
Joe, I didn't even know you HAD a DeviantArt until that post! This is awesome! :P *poke*
DTaina Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2011
I read your post on the Zebra Girl site and realized I'm guilty of enjoying the pic and forgetting to comment. Don't set me on fire, your Zebraness!! I love your comic!

Anyway, really enjoyed the pic. I particularly enjoyed Featherweight. That's just a sad, sad superpower, if you can call it that. It's a nice interpretation of what could happen after the original movie.

So, what's with the barcode reader?
nerdycanuck Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I think this is a fantastic piece of art. You aged Mirage beautifully and the other characters are all a treat to view. Nicely done.
ks-claw Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2011  Professional General Artist
I don't understand how this has only gotten two comments. I love the ideas for this, though I think my favourite part is how well you aged Mirage. Gracefully, and probably still able to kick butt if need be. I could see these guys appear if The Incredibles had a sequel, or some kind of series made for them.
jhwood9 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2011   Traditional Artist
Excellent! And, as good as anything else I've seen proposed for "Incredibles II."
Scribbleykins Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2011
Oooh. Clearly Pixar should make this entire concept their next movie.

Looking forward to the villain line-up!
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