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  My thoughts on the passing of Robin Williams?  Well, gee... I don't know if I thought anything at all.  It's difficult to even contemplate.  He was never a person to me...  I wasn't around to see his rise to power, or I was too young to recognize a time before he came into the public consciousness.  He was just always sort of there.  Not a person, a comedian, an actor, or a celebrity.  Not to me.

  He was a force of nature... no, more than that.  Or maybe less.  More subtle than a force.  Simply a part of the world at large as I became aware of it, like the wind, or clouds, or windows, or paint, or TV, or politics, or junk food.  I can't quite grasp the absence of something so intrinsic to the universe as I know it.

  It's as though someone told me that cold water no longer exists.  The very idea is preposterous, and I'm tempted to dismiss the news altogether.  I can mourn for a gifted artist who was driven to a sad end, I can send my heartfelt condolences to his friends and loved ones and mean it, but they knew a human being... the Robin Williams I knew will always be a face in space with a big goofy grin.


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I spent six years learning at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia, and have been publishing my webcomic (Zebra Girl) since 2000. I don't drink, smoke, eat meat, or do drugs, and yet I remain worthy of pity. Then again, that might go without saying.


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Hah!  Thanks, Red.  And yeah, she does.  She's past all that emotional stuff.  She's one of the cool kids now!
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