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Fan Fiction: Legerdemain
It's a beautiful day in spite of it all.
Amethyst and Pearl had always been a study in contrast, and not always to productive ends. Without Rose's influence they had trouble reconciling their differences into a complimentary relationship (unlike Ruby and Sapphire). More often they were like stones scraping against one another, giving off sparks. They were getting better over time, but even when they weren't in conflict they still demonstrated vastly dissimilar reactions to identical affairs. Garnet found it rather wonderful.
Today Pearl was shrieking. "Why didn't you see!? Why didn't you see!?" Over and over again, a shuddering mantra marching through tears as she beat her rail thin limbs against Garnet's chest. Amethyst, meanwhile, was quiet. Mouth slack, eyes wide, a shaky hand jerking across Steven's blank face as though hunting for breath. There was none, of course. He was clearly dead.
And Garnet's slender finger stroked her chin as she analyzed the scene. At this point there was
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Fan Fiction: The Solution
The Doctor was in a mood to impress his companion a little.  But only a little, for now.  Not a lot.  So he took a moment to settle on an appropriate fragment of information.
"Seldom known fact…" he began, quite casually (as he usually began).  "Time Lords are so advanced that their very concept of numbers expanded long ago to include an extra digit between eight and nine."
His companion lit up with an appropriate fragment of curiosity.  "There's a number between eight and nine?"
"Certainly," said the Doctor.  "Well, to a Time Lord there is.  So, for example, a human being's thirteen is a Time Lord's twelve."
The companion mulled it over a little, contemplating the characteristic, comical complexity of the Doctor's world view.  "Well what's this mystery number called?"
Word association invited memories into the Doctor's mind, a few fish snatched from a vast ocean.  "The closest approximate translation in your language would be 'War,'"
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Tomie's Actualization by JoeEngland
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Tomie's Actualization :iconjoeengland:JoeEngland 31 12
Wedding Beer by JoeEngland Wedding Beer :iconjoeengland:JoeEngland 26 3 Commission: Lovely Things (3) by JoeEngland
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Gorgeous work, really. Atmospheric like nobody's business. The color scheme and floating particles in the sunlight make it seem almost ...

The colors are gorgeous and vivid, the out-of-focus effect drawing to mind old monster movies. The characters exude personality, and th...

by Yamino

Y'know... I gotta admit, I saw it too. I know they're sisters, and I should be able to watch a depiction of two siblings expressing the...

I've posted a video with my thoughts on the film, check it out on YouTube if you're so inclined.  But someone left a comment that got me thinking about something I didn't address, so I'll point it out here.

The commenter disliked the overt happiness of the ending scene, when Diana enjoys her moment in the sun after vanquishing her nemesis.  He said that it didn't express something which I admired about the movie, the character arc which follows our heroine's journey to adulthood.  She starts out believing that she can literally end all wars forever, and by the end has to face the fact that she's going to have to keep fighting because humanity will keep fighting.

I found myself defending the seemingly happy ending, with soldiers on both sides shedding their warlike personas and embracing the dawn, happy just to be alive.  Because, while on the surface it really is quite a cliche, I think it also helps to demonstrate the virtue of Diana's newfound wisdom.

She knows now that it wasn't "the war to end all wars," just as we in the audience knew it wouldn't be.  World War II is still in their future even as they breathe a sigh of relief.  But this is why setting the stage during World War I works.  I didn't get it at first, but now it makes sense... we NEED to know that there's going to be another war.  We need to see that even though Diana was wrong and there will be more bitter conflict in the future, she and the soldiers surrounding her still have a right to find peace in the moment.

Because that's really what Wonder Woman stands for.  At least, she does now.  We don't need for everything to be good again, forever (to quote Dr. Zoidberg).  Things will get bad again, but we don't have to despair because what we've won still matters while we have it.

Superman is the Man of Tomorrow.  He inspires us to hope for the future, to look to the sky.  To make a better world for the children!  And Batman, meanwhile, acts on the past.  It defines his life, and he spends it always hunting down those who try to escape from the consequences of their actions.

But Wonder Woman represents the present.  That's what this movie has given her.  That's what it's all about.  Good times come and go, loved ones pass on, but at the end of the day you put the photograph and the watch back in their case and you put your armor back on and focus on what's right in front of you.  Yes, that moment in the sun won't last forever.  But you can love it right now.

And what was the moral of Man of Steel, again?  Stay away from tornadoes?  Don't fight next to buildings?  Hmm.


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RedKnight33 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017
Happy St Patrick's Day! ;)

Also, sorry for bugging you with Bendy last time. :tears:

I guess I got too eager about the new horror game! ^^;
JoeEngland Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017  Professional General Artist
Happy St. Patrick's Day to you too!  And hey, no worries, I wasn't bugged.  I was just mulling it over!  I guess a lot would depend on whether or not Bendy checked in at the front desk.
RedKnight33 Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017
Do you think Bendy would fall under the same classification as Sam since he also came from a cartoon, or would he be closer to Zandra in terms of species? :confused:

I just wish we knew more about this game! ^^;
JoeEngland Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017  Professional General Artist
Honestly, Bendy seems a little more similar to Black Betty than either Zandra or Sam.  But there's still little commonality.  He'd probably come off more as a straight-up demon than anything else.
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RedKnight33 Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017
I just had a thought: how do you think Zandra would react to meeting Bendy?…;:)
RedKnight33 Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2017
Hi! :)

How have you been? :)

I saw this and thought you might like it:… it looks like another "zebra-girl"! ;)
JoeEngland Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2017  Professional General Artist
Yes, I've been following that!  It's a cute series!
RedKnight33 Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2017
And I noticed Bloo was singing about The Wizard of Oz! :XD:

Honestly, that Queen Carney gives me the creeps! She brought down both good witches with her Rhyme-o-Reason! :fear:

And judging by how she made that first girl into a pig, it seems as though she's been to Earth too! :worry:

I'd trust that Jack and Tomie would be smart enough to stay away from someone that powerful. ^^;

Being smart is how they've survived for so long! ;)
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